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Aam Panna

Cool off the summer season with our energizing aam panna prepared with green mango pulp, the ideal balance of sour and sweet!


A traditional, authentic drink, mostly popular in northern India, made using raw, tender & sour mangoes & spices.

Also known as mango Panha, Kairi ka Panna, Aam Panna has a thick and luscious consistency. Its sweet, tangy & super refreshing flavour makes it the perfect summer drink.

Made in our hygienic kitchen with ingredients sourced from our entrusted associates to give you a distinct homemade taste.

2 reviews for Aam Panna

  1. shekhar suryavanshi

    So refreshing, soo tasty my afternoon is incomplete without it…

  2. yamini balpande

    Summer saviour, i love aam panah!

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