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Pizza Base

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Now show off your baking skills with our perfect pizza base and surprise your loved ones with this Italian treat.



Ajit understands your love for pizza. It’s here with the ultimate Pizza Base to make your dreams of eating it easy peasy. Bake it and munch on it whenever you crave it. The dough is made to match the Italian style and texture to give you the exact experience. Toss your favourite vegetables or chopped meat to make your favourite topping. You can also try it with some marinated paneer cubes to give it a desi touch. It’s a great option to have on your shelf whenever you have guests over or for a game night dinner. We are true to our choice of ingredients and keep the food we provide you preservative-free

2 reviews for Pizza Base

  1. Nitin Raut

    My pizza game is on point, thanks to Ajit’s pizza base

  2. Abhijeet Bapat

    Pizzas has become a ritual every week, thanks to Ajit’s pizza base.

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