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Black Forest Cake

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Best Cake Shop in Nagpur, Traditional recipe with a perfect blend of ingredients make it a rich scrumptious masterpiece worth relishing!. Our delicious Black Forrest Icing cake has a unique taste that will strike you with its deliciousness. It is a perfect sweet dish to enjoy with your loved ones.

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10 reviews for Black Forest Cake

  1. sai deshpande

    The black Forrest cake I had yesterday was really juicy with the best custom cake design.

  2. neelam patil

    Loved the black forrest here at Ajit, the taste is really refreshing prolly the best designer birthday cakes i’ve had.

  3. priya wankhede

    Being a chocoholic i can easily attest that this is the best customized cake shop in nagpur for black forrest cakes..

  4. arun amle

    best black forrest cake in Nagpur Very tasty, You can also purchase pastries and other baked dishes.

  5. sharad agrawal

    best cakes and pastries in Nagpur for sure. had black forrest from here, and my God the taste was terrific.

  6. vishvakarma lodhe

    Top bakery in Nagpur, i was a pineapple guy, but i tried black forrest yesterday and now i’m a convert for sure…

  7. deepak adwani

    The best bakery in town! Love their black forrest cake, the flavour is such a blast in your mouth..

  8. yk singh

    bought a black forrest designer cake from Ajit Bakery on my Moms Birthday, They served very fresh and tasty cakes and cookies, the good thing about this bakery is its located in main road of ajni where market starts.

  9. gauri shankar jadhav

    Best cake shops in Nagpur, black forrest here was so delicious!!

  10. jyoti dhomne

    Best wedding cake in Nagpur. If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding cake that will taste amazing this is definitely the place! I was very happy with their service and our cake came out absolutely beautiful!

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