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Khatta Meetha

Its a tongue-tickling combination of sour and sweet ( also known as Chatpata ) mixture made with peanuts, gram pulses and peas.



Our Khatta Mitha Mixture has a genuine mouth-watering taste. This mixture is the mix of many tasteful components, it is a blend of wholesome grain, gram flour, peanuts, rice flakes and a lot more.

This special mixture is so crunchy, colourful and tasty. It’s so delicious that you can’t stop munching it all day long. It makes a good coffee-time snack, when you want to munch something. It is a perfect mix of sour and sweet. This has a partly tangy and partly sweet taste which makes it appealing.

2 reviews for Khatta Meetha

  1. deepak adwani

    It’s mix blend is really amazing

  2. yk singh

    An old classic that never disappoints

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