Our factory encompassing approximately 22,000 sq. ft. production facility for Ajit Bakery and 15,000 sq. ft. production facility for Bake Goodies both of them in butibori, boasts state-of-art equipments for manufacturing world’s finest bakery products. Our dedicated bakery team members bake products so as to deliver you the perfect golden baked crusts and mouth-watering aromas. We ensure great quality in every products from ingredients to packing of our bread and bakery products.

Our aim is to cater our customers with only the best ingredients possible. Therefore, all of our products have been researched and hygienically tested. Practising proper hygiene is one of our most basic activities that is strictly adhered, especially because the baked goods tend to be displayed. We make use of Automatic bread manufacturing machine, in order to deliver some of the most classical imagination. We handle the backed products with absolute care from its making to delivery. Our endeavor is to consistently maintain and surpass customer expectations in all facets of quality. Our policy of quality control ensures that we always use only the very finest and freshest ingredients in all our bakery products. We ensure accurate and efficient monitoring of product hygiene and quality aspects so as to maintain the standards according to the set norms and guidelines. Our storage and retrieval process maintain highest level hygiene in order to preclude any chances of contamination. Keeping the products fresh during the whole process is critical, therefore we use latest automatic packaging machines for bakery products. Our production facility encompasses different cake factory and food factory, which will assure cakes are produced in one factory and products like kharis, namkeens are manufactured in one factory.

The company has categorized production facility into two factories, wherein one factory produces packaged products for retail marketing and other factory produces cakes and desserts.

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