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Mango Shrikhand

Our Mango shrikhand is the flavoured shrikhand made from the fresh Alphonso mango pulp.

This Amrakhanda is made with the best Devgad Alphonso mango pulp.

The king of fruits is the king of desserts as well it has a royal sweet taste which can make immerse in deep pleasures.


At Ajit, we love food and we are always finding ways to unleash the best out of shrikhand.

Our Mango Shrikhand is infused with real fruit to stimulate the taste buds. The probiotics and vitamins pack a punch to the shrikhand.

We have been challenging the boundaries of what is possible by providing what is tastier and better for you.

2 reviews for Mango Shrikhand

  1. aniket dhomne

    It really is the king of fruits and flavours

  2. riya banarjee

    Mango shrikhand after lunch has become a nessicity for me!!

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